Alyeska Resort, AK, Passes 800″ Snowfall For the Season

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800″. Wow. Credit: sam_kikuchi via Alyeska Facebook

Alyeska has had a dry spell. Which sounds like a weird way to start a post about the insane snowfall they’ve had this season. They’ve been sitting at 792″ for more than two weeks and I’ve been checking their site daily hoping to see the needle jump passed 800″. I’ve had this post written for over two weeks in anticipation…

Well, that day has finally come. I’m happy to report that Alyeska Resort in Alaska this weekend surpassed 800″ of snowfall for the season—13″ of fresh snow fell Friday night, followed by a further 4″ Saturday. That’s almost 68-feet of fresh snow this season. Incredible…

That’s one hell of a winter. It’s dumped up there all season and is showing no signs of stopping, even in April. The resort is currently reporting 813″ with a 187″ base.

813″. 68-feet. That’s enough to bury three and a half giraffes standing on each other. Or ten Michael Jordans. Or fourteen Danny DeVitos. It’s more than the length of a bowling lane.

Giraffes love popping pillows and hucking cliffs, don’t you know?! Credit: wonderopolis

Alyeska had previously exceeded 800″ just three times since 2005/06. In 2007/08 they reported 875″ of snow, 2009/10 880″, and 2015/16 826″. 2021/22 is now the fourth snowiest year since 2005/06.

The world record for a ski area is 1,140″ at Mt. Baker ski area, WA, in 1998/99.

What happens when a resort gets so much snow? You get there as quickly as possible! Our CEO and Editor-in-Chief have both made separate powder pilgrimages north to test out the goods.

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