59% of Americans Plan to Try Something New This Summer, Including Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, and Water Skiing

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More Americans plan to get outdoors this summer. PC Blake Wisz

This post first appeared on Outdoorsy and was written by Lizzie Dragon

According to recent research 6 in 10 Americans are jonesing for an adventure this summer, with 59% wanting to try something new this summer.

Respondents cited trying different foods, going bungee jumping, camping, and even “a cross country road trip to see my bestie” as something new they wanted to try this summer.

Almost a fifth of respondents (17%) cited a desire to go to see a new state or city, while more than a third of respondents (39%) said seeing friends and family is a must for their summer vacation. Meanwhile, two-thirds are more inclined to rent an RV or campervan now than before the pandemic started.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of online RV rental platform Outdoorsy, the survey also found that two-thirds of respondents have started their own summer bucket list.

Popular plans for this summer included camping (47%), waterskiing (44%), wakeboarding (43%), surfing (41%), and other outdoor activities in sports. 

Camping and water sports aside, people also want to hike (41%), try their hand at skydiving (36%), and relax while fishing (35%).

62% would rather spend their vacation surrounded by nature this summer, which Outdoorsy co-founder and CMO Jen Young says is likely a reaction to the past year of social distancing and quarantine measures. Three in five Americans said they felt at their absolute happiest when they’re on vacation.

“As we head into the summer months, the desire and the demand to get out of the house is at an all-time high. We’re seeing more and more people seek out alternative ways to travel that allow them to stay away from crowds and be in a location where fresh air and open space are their closest companions. Choosing to rent an RV or campervan naturally opens the door and the ability to do that; it gives travelers the keys to controlling their environment.”

– Jen Young, Outdoorsy Co-Founder & CMO

Credit: Outdoorsy

Americans are planning to get outdoors in a variety of ways. The top ten on the list are:

  • Camping 47%
  • Waterskiing 44%
  • Wakeboarding 43%
  • Surfing 41%
  • Hiking 41%
  • Skydiving 36%
  • Fishing 35%
  • Mountain climbing 34%
  • Sunbathing 31%
  • Going to a national park/monument 30%

 All the same, happiest means nothing without safety. Driving (44%) topped the list of travel options that Americans consider to be the safest, followed by cruising (37%) and flying (33%).

In fact, 81% reported that because of the pandemic, they feel forced to find alternative travel destinations or an alternative form of travel compared to their usual routine.

For example, 63% would rather have a vacation stay closer to adventure, like camping on a beach, instead of staying in a hotel or Airbnb.

“After a year of staying home, travelers are in search of something different this summer – from a relaxing getaway out in nature to a long road trip to take in as many sites as possible. The beauty of an RV trip is having a rig to fit every type of traveler and every type of vacation. So whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway or an epic journey across the country, Outdoorsy is ready to power your summer adventure.”

– Jen Young, Outdoorsy Co-Founder & CMO

Overall, 6 in 10 said they would spend significantly more money on their vacation if it meant they were 100% safe from COVID, the results suggest. 

In the meantime, Americans are doing everything they can to make sure they’re ready for their adventure; when asked what must-haves were necessary for their summer vacation, the No. 1 select answer was “being vaccinated” (40%).  

41% of those surveyed intend to surf this summer.

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