Andrzej Bargiel Plans to Ski Everest Without Supplemental Oxygen

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Polish ski mountaineer, Andrzej Bargiel, recently revealed his plan to ski Everest in an interview with his sponsor Red Bull. Mount Everest has been skied before, but Bargiel wants to do it “without unfastening the skis and no additional oxygen.”

Last year Bargiel became the first person to ski down the world’s second-highest mountain, K2. He accomplished this without supplemental oxygen on July 22, 2018.

Only a handful of mountaineers have skied Everest, but no one has completed the descent in quite the same way as Bargiel wants to. Yuichiro Miura, the first man to ever ski Everest, skied from 8000m in 1970. Hans Kammerlander also skied down in 1996 but had to take his skis off several times. Davo Karnicar, a Slovenian ski instructor, was the first to ski down Everest without taking his skis off, he did, however, use supplemental oxygen.

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Bargiel plans to attempt this venture in the fall. He stated that the snow conditions on Everest during the autumn climbing season are more ideal for skiing. In addition, there are fewer people there during this time.

In the interview, Bargiel was asked why he decided to go back to the eight-thousanders:

“Skiing is my greatest passion and I still feel that I’m developing. I feel that I have a few more years ahead of me in which I would like to do it and make my biggest dreams come true. Later, it will probably turn into an exploration of the lower mountains and wilder areas. As long as my performance is at a high level, I feel it makes sense and it’s worth doing,” he responded.

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