Angry Guests Use Vehicles to Charge at Eldora Mountain Resort, CO, Employees

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Full parking lots at Eldora. Credit: SnowBrains

On Saturday 8th January, Eldora Mountain Resort in Colorado put out a warning to guests that their parking lots were full and the ski area should be avoided. Despite the early warnings, which were posted at 7:45 am, cars continued to try to access the resort causing tensions to rise and drivers to become hostile.

The resort was having a ‘park-out’, where once all parking is full a roadblock is setup cutting off access to the ski area, with the exception of emergency vehicles, RTD buses, shuttles, and local residents.

Angry drivers who were denied access to the resort area threatened employees both verbally and physically, and “some even used vehicles to charge the staff stationed at the roadblock.”

Eldora Mountain Resort thinks that the covid-19 pandemic played a part in people’s inability to remain civil and asks people to take a look at themselves and treat one another with respect.

“…but in this time of frayed nerves and short-staffed businesses across the country struggling with the ravages of Covid, some folks have tossed civility out the window.”

– Eldora statement

eldora, colorado
Eldora, CO trail map

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7 thoughts on “Angry Guests Use Vehicles to Charge at Eldora Mountain Resort, CO, Employees

  1. Joey doesn’t know the definition of COULD. (its similar to maybe)

    Joey listens to everything Facebook and CNN tell him and takes it as gospel.

  2. I work at vail and this happens to us regularly. It happened to me on dec 20 and to a coworker yesterday. I am disappointed that this article fails to mention that this is a crime, vehicular assault, even if you don’t hit the person. Vail has no written policy with consequences for these people, which is why they do it. Worse, my boss blamed us. The response to this article in the comments only confirms how sick ski culture is. Everyone is saying there should be more resorts, etc, not saying how screwed up it is to try to hit another human with your car just for an imaginary parking spot.

  3. Nothing todo with Covid, millions have moved to the area. From 2010 to 2020 near a million moved to CO, this is the problem.

  4. Eldora is an infuriating resort. I stopped going. Used to be a great friendly local place. Now they charge for everything imaginable. Cross Country, Downhill, and UpHill are now different and require separate steep purchases. Traditional backcountry access is squelched. Killed off successful longtime volunteer partnerships. And they take newbie toddlers out onto black runs ruining them for everyone else. Never see Ski Patrol anywhere. Plus constant lift outages, arbitrary closures, etc. And of course the parking fiasco. Their well deserved nickname is “Helldora”.

  5. I’ve been telling all ya’ll we need more ski resorts!!

    You don’t have this problem in Europe where despite all their aggressive environmental policies they still somehow build new ski resorts. The enviro-whackos in America are out of control.

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