Antarctica 2022 [2.0] Day #1: Deception Island – Skiing in an Active Volcano…

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Report from November 29, 2022

On November 27, 2022, we set sail with Ice Axe Expeditions on the Ocean Diamond for Antarctica for our 2nd trip ski guiding there within a month.

On this 2nd trip, we got lucky with a calm Drake Passage (ocean between Antarctica & South America) and we were able to make good time.

Making good time meant we could ski Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands.

Surreal landscapes. image: snowbrains

Skiing Deception Island is insane…

Skiing into the Crater of an Active Volcano 🌋 complete with Steaming Geothermal Beach, Whaling Station Ruins, Penguins, Seals, and Dirty but Great Corn Snow!

As exotic as skiing gets?

Deception Island


Deception Island last erupted in 1967 & 1969.

This place is both bizarre & exceptional, epic & tragic, timeless & ephemeral…



Volcanic sand. image: snowbrains
Whaler’s Bay. image: snowbrains
Whaling station ruins. image: snowbrains
Ben. image: snowbrains
Water boat. image: snowbrains
Whale oil silos. image: snowbrains
Water boat. image: snowbrains
The beach steams here from geothermal activity. image: snowbrains
Emily. image: snowbrains
Coming out of the gate hot! image: snowbrains

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