Antarctica 2022 [2.0] Day #2: Winds So Strong The Captain Called Us Back To The Ship…

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Report from November 30, 2022

On ski day #2 of our 2nd Antarctica trip this Fall, we woke up in Chiriguano Bay but the wind was so strong, they weren’t able to operate the Zodiacs…

We waited it out for a while, then decided to move over to Ronge Island where it appeared there was less wind.

When we arrived at Ronge is was sunny and nice.

Fired up to get wind blasted. image: snowbrains

Once we got on the hill, that all changed…

The sun turned to cloud and the wind started ripping.

After we skied our first run in firm, punchy snow, we were working on hiking up another run in a blinding ground blizzard and I was thinking:

“Is it still safe to operate in these conditions?  What would happen if someone got hurt in this wind?”

Our team just before we pulled the plug. image: snowbrains

I was thinking about pulling the plug when a call came on the radio:

“All mountain guides, all mountain guides, please return to the ship as soon as possible.  The strong winds have made it unsafe to continue our operations in this area.”

The ski down to the beach was absolutely insane and it’s captured in the video above.

Some of the strongest winds I’ve been in anywhere.



Rope team in the distance. image: snowbrains
Looking good in the morning at Ronge. image: snowbrains
Hiking up. image: snowbrains
Desert on the Ocean Diamond. image: snowbrains

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