Antarctica 2022 Report Day #2: Full-On Storm Day Powder Skiing & Penguin Take Over

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Report from November 8, 2022

Day 2 of our Antarctica ski trip with Ice Axe Expeditions 2022 brought us directly into a snowstorm.

It really doesn’t snow much in Antarctica.

Antarctica is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest continent.

David Bumgarner and team grinding up against the storm. image: snowbrains

That said, the peninsula where we ski is a little different.

It does get a bit of snow because it sticks so far out into the ocean.

To get a snowstorm like we got was rare, regardless.

This spot had no penguins when we crossed it in the morning. image: snowbrains

It was snowing 1″ per hour or more all day on this day.

Fortunately, my clients, Jeffrey, Peter, and Andrew, loved it.

We were the only group that didn’t come in for lunch.

Headed up amongst the ruins. image: snowbrains

We stayed out and ripped lap after lap in the new snow.

These laps were full-on powder skiing…

In my 6 trips to Antarctica, this was the only true storm day powder day that I’ve experienced.

10,000 year old whiskey ice! image: snowbrains

I don’t think any of our seasoned guide team had ever experienced anything like this.

One of the laps was especially powdery and that’s the video in the Instagram post cover above.

When we finally came back to the ship, the landing we’d used had been taken over by penguins.

Dessert… image: snowbrains

They were everywhere doing everything.

It was a show and we were happy to take it in.

Our ship then traversed the legendary Lemaire Channel which is only 600m wide in spots.

The views were moody and the vibes were high in the threatening weather.

Another great day in Antarctica!



Tierra Del Fuego


Lemaire Channel. image: snowbrains
Stoked to be headed out in the am. image: snowbrains
Happy clients. image: snowbrains
Lifeboat snowstorm. image: snowbrains
Ice ice, baby… image: snowbrains
Happy guides. image: snowbrains
Iceberg wranglers. image: snowbrains
Blue. image: snowbrains
Flipping on the top deck in the new snow. image: snowbrains

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