Antarctica Report Day #4: Skiing Through Seracs, Skiing to a Shipwreck, & a BBQ on the Back Deck

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Report from November 10, 2022

This day started with a spectacular descent through seracs and crevasses on the west side of Nansen Island.

The light was flat but the skiing was good.

The old powder skied well and got a little funky and catchy toward the bottom.

Tropical. image: snowbrains

We headed back up and skied a long sloping run back to the boat.

The wind and bad light helped usher us back to the boat for lunch for the first time on our trip.

Lunch was glorious…

Enterprise Island crew with shipwreck in the background. image: snowbrains

After lunch, we boated over the very small Enterprise Island to have a little ski and gawk at the old shipwreck “Governorn”.

The old whaling oil boat is a sight to see.

We even skied some good powder on this isle.

Drinking it in. image: snowbrains

The videos above are all from Enterprise, mostly because we got brilliant sunshine there 🙂

After skiing, we had the BBQ and impromptu dance party on the back deck and the sun came out and made it a great experience.

Hot spice wine for the win!



Tierra Del Fuego


Cheers! image: snowbrains
Cheers! image: snowbrains
Zodiac. image: snowbrains
Dance party. image: snowbrains
Happy crew. image: snowbrains
Party time. image: snowbrains
Enterprise Island. image: snowbrains

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