PHOTOS: Almost 2-Feet of Fresh Snow on Apex Mountain, BC and Conditions Were INSANE

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apex mountain, canada
Faceshots in September? Yes, please… Credit: Caillum Smith

Many areas across western North America got dumped on over the weekend, but some areas did way better than others. One of those areas was Apex Mountain on the British Columbia/Alberta border.

apex mountain, canada
September? Are you sure? Credit: Caillum Smith

Almost 2-feet fell, and these guys just had to get out there and test the goods for the rest of us. While you were dealing with your Monday morning blues, Franz Unterberger, Nick Sills, and Caillum Smith put in a solid day ski touring on the slopes.

“What we soon learned is that we had 40-50cms of decently consolidated snow that was just shy of awesome. Pretty insane conditions that I know Lee Lau would deem acceptable double blower overhead Schenn in den Bergen!”

Verdict? Pretty damn good…

apex mountain, canada
First tracks! Credit: Caillum Smith
apex mountain, canada
Good foot or 2 there. Credit: Caillum Smith
apex mountain, canada
Doggos getting after it too! Credit: Caillum Smith
apex mountain, canada
Credit: Caillum Smith

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