App Being Used to Combat Covid Allowing Ski Resorts to Return to Business

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Taos Ski Valley resort, a year-round destination located in Northern New Mexico, has recently begun using an app in order to combat COVID and reopen its local economy. A consortium took place in early August 2020 to discuss exactly how they would keep employees, families, and customers healthy and safe. With over forty businesses operating in the area, it was crucial for the economy to be able to resume normal operations.

The consortium convened that they would use an app called goEVO to quickly, efficiently, and accurately screen employees for illnesses and COVID. This app allows businesses, managers, and the user’s to screen and track those who’ve been tested significantly decreasing the time associated with such a task.

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This user-friendly application asks questions about your temperature as well as any symptoms of illness you are experiencing. Every day you login you are required to answer seven questions related to your health keeping you mindful of how you are feeling. The app even lets you customize your profile adding a unique personal aspect to the process.

Another important aspect that came from the consortium was new advanced testing techniques aimed at reducing the time it takes to test over 150 employees each week. Typical tests take anywhere from 24-48 hours to get results. However, a new machine aims to reduce the time it takes to get the results to within one hour. This machine, along with the application, will prove to be a game-changer allowing the area to return to business. The Taos Ski Valley resort is currently stuck operating at 25% capacity due to state restrictions.

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