Arapahoe Basin, CO Slammed With Angry Comments For Photos of Ski Hill

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Arapahoe Basin chief operating officer Alan Henceroth addresses the angry comments that some people have been posting on his blog in response to recent photos he’s uploaded of the ski area. Photo by Al’s Blog.

It’s Thursday, April 16, and about a foot of new snow has fallen at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area in Colorado in the past 24 hours. Alan Henceroth, the ski area’s chief operating officer, has been posting recent pictures of the snow and the beautiful, mountain scenery in and around A-Basin. But not everybody is happy about that.

According to Henceroth, a lot of people like to see how the ski area is looking right now and thoroughly enjoy the photos he uploads to his blog. However, he’s also said that some folks have become quite upset when he posts those same photos, and they post angry comments on the blog. Henceroth wrote on “Al’s Blog” on Thursday, April 16:

It is another snowy day at The Basin. I am guessing 8-10 inches has fallen since the storm began last night.

I feel compelled to write about some recent blog comments a few of you have made. I have taken the time to write this blog to provide some insight, imagery, and fun about Arapahoe Basin. The blog is written for people that love A-Basin. Obviously right now, I am not writing about the skiing because I have not skied at A-Basin since before the ski area closure. I have been up on the hill a few times on the snowmobile just to keep an eye on the place. Many of you want to hear about and see images of The Basin. Many people have told me this makes them happy. I have continued to post photos and comments about Basin Life.

For some reason, this makes a few of you angry. I don’t really get that. I want to continue to share Arapahoe Basin with the people that want to stay connected. If you don’t want to read about or see pictures of The Basin, this might be a time to take a little break from the blog. If you still want to stay connected, I will do my best to bring a little Basin sunshine to you while we wait out this pandemic.

Recent snow at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area on Thursday, April 16. Photo by Al’s Blog.

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7 thoughts on “Arapahoe Basin, CO Slammed With Angry Comments For Photos of Ski Hill

  1. Not butthurt, just callin a spade a spade
    I guess his actions are essential
    just dont celebrate CEOs and question authority

  2. I used a similar reply related to political comments some took exception to. On public message boards, anyone not expecting opposing comments is either brain dead or a genuine zombie (which explains brain dead). In this case with a serious pandemic attacking anyone anywhere at any time, posting views of fresh powder scenery to the masses locked in their homes missing every single day of new snow tends to upset everyone. Positive upset; missing fresh snow and eager to get back onto the mountain. Negative upset; griping about one person taking the time to snap changing conditions as the rich bypassing rules.

    To those that have negative opinions; if you can’t appreciate the snapshots that upset you from narrow mindedness, you don’t have to read these reports. If you didn’t read reports that upset you, you won’t get upset. No one forces you to read reports that are expected share the silent loveliness of a fresh snow scene on a well trodden mountain in the midst of this pandemic. I don’t visit these sites because I do want to get out onto fresh powder but I know this pandemic has placed this little orb we call Earth under what may be the greatest threat to mankind since the phrase nuclear winter painted a deadly outcome if mankind decided to use the bomb. Or more appropriately the worldwide flu pandemic back in 1918 killing millions. Enjoying unused scenery should be appreciated with due perspective of life as we know it.

  3. CEOs are gonna do them.
    The public has been asked to not ski(non essential( and this guy snowmobiles to the top of a mountain (owned by the public) is this absolutely necessary? Guess he’s a special snowflake.
    Just more do as I say, not as I do behavior.

    1. Nonsense!
      He is employed by the area!
      Much ado about nothing…!
      Shoot the photos and let us enjoy them!
      Before IPhone no one would know the difference…nothing more than a walk in the woods

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