Arapahoe Basin, Colorado Opens Sunday, Oct 13th | Photo Tour

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Arapahoe openingAll photos from Arapahoe Basin Resort

It appears that Arapahoe Basin will be the first resort that we are aware of to open skiing and riding to the general public and it’s only 2 days away!   Arapahoe was one of the first resorts to turn on their snow-guns on September 27th and have been blasting snow as much as conditions have permitted them to.  During the last 2 days they have been aided by a storm passing through providing them with excellent snow making conditions and a healthy 5-6 inches of fresh snow mid mountain.

The Black Mountain Express Lift will be open at 8:30 AM MST and will access A-Basins High Noon Trail at the mid-mountain. 

Want to ski or ride A-Basin but don’t have a pass?  Arapahoe Basin early season tickets will cost Adults $67 (19-59), Youth $55 (15-18) and Children $32 (6-14) and under 5 years of age FREE.

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“Uphill Access will not be open when we open Sunday.

There is a very detailed section on Uphill Access on the “Runs Open” page of our website.  We do require people to obtain a Free Uphill Access pass in the Season Pass office.  The website outlines rules and guidelines regarding Uphill Access.

There are times we close uphill access usually for safety reasons, avalanche control, snowmaking, special events/racing, etc.  Very early season is one of those times.  For the small amount of terrain open, there is a great deal of snowmaking equipment and grooming going on.  After we are open to the Summit and a lot of snowmaking equipment has been moved from the main runs, we will open Uphill Access.

Personally, I am a big fan of an after work skin to the top.  I look forward to getting Uphill Access open.” – Araphoe BasinArapahoe 2Arapahoe 3 Arapahoe 4 Arapahoe 5In addition to being open on Sunday, Arapahoe also has plans for a mini park for all you jibbers out there.


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