Arc’teryx Pulls Out of Outdoor Retailer Conference In Salt Lake City, Ut | Just Like Patagonia

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Arc’teryx followed suit and pulled out of the Outdoor Retailer Conference in Salt Lake City, just as Patagonia did earlier this week. These exits are the result of actions made by the Utah Governor to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument and other public lands. The company plans on donating the money it would have spent on the conference to the Conservation Alliance’s new Public Lands Defense Fund. These two companies are huge players in the outdoor industry, so it will be interesting to see who else follows their lead and leaves the show. Along with how the Utah government will react to the situation at hand.

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Arc’teryx Press Release:

Arc’teryx, a company that has long supported preservation of wild spaces, formally announces today its withdrawal from Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah due to the state’s efforts to rescind protection of Bears Ears National Monument and other public lands. The company stands in support of Patagonia’s move to leave Outdoor Retailer in Utah and is following suit. Funds that would have been spent to attend Outdoor Retailer in 2017 will be reallocated to the Conservation Alliance’s new Public Lands Defense Fund.

“The Outdoor Industry has an obligation to protect the wild places that are important to our consumers. Arc’teryx is a member of the outdoor industry’s Conservation Alliance. Since 2014, we’ve been part of the efforts to protect Bears Ears, supporting local grassroots organizations working on a legislated solution. More recently Arc’teryx has helped to fund Friends of Cedar Mesa and Utah Dine Bike Yah, as they work on a national monument designation. I was proud to join my peers in the outdoor industry in sending a letter to President Obama asking him to protect this landscape in Southern Utah, which is cherished by our community of climbers, hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Protecting public lands for future generations is a critical part of our brand values and we will use our influence in a way that is consistent with those values.” – Jon Hoerauf, president of Arc’teryx

On March 6thth Jon Hoerauf will head to Washington DC with the Conservation Alliance and 21 other outdoor industry leaders to meet with key Congressional offices and representatives of the new Administration. The goal of this trip is to encourage all elected officials, regardless of political affiliation, to take action to protect important lands and waterways – including Bears Ears National Monument.

Arc’teryx will also be increasing its funding commitment to the Conservation Alliance by $150,000 over the next three years to support the protection of Bears Ears and other public lands at risk.

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    1. Wrong side of the issue?!?!? So are you saying they should be funding drilling and closing public lands instead of protecting it for future generations to use and enjoy? Think about your statement before posting… dumbass!!

  1. Fed govt has declared more of Utah land to be under their jurisdiction than any other state. More land in Utah in Nat parks than any other state far and away. Utah has lots of natural beauty, but much of acreage is not park worthy, shouldn’t be closed to private use.

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