Are Summer Ski Camps Worth It? | Outstanding Momentum Edit Might Sway You

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All skiers that have the bug really bad have asked themselves at least once or twice: Should I go to Summer ski camp this Summer? It is a tough call for someone who is paying their own way to pull the trigger on spending thousands of dollars to travel to an unknown land in hopes of having a good time and polishing up their skiing skills.  I know this first mental battle first hand from way back in 2000 when I finally took the plunge, slapped down my credit card and saddled up for a trip to Whistler.

There are a couple choices in North America when it comes to Summer skiing. You can go to Mt. Hood, which I have no first hand knowledge of but have heard mixed reviews. You could also check out the action on Beartooth Pass in MT, a smaller scene with big terrain and a short Summer season. Then there is of course the big dog Whistler…

Since I have been to Whistler a number of times I feel that tell you without any doubt in my mind there is no place greater in North America to be in the Summer than Whistler, BC. The skiing on the glacier is awesome, the mountain bike park is the best in the world, there are unlimited other outdoor adventures to check out, and the party seen is off the charts. Not to mention you get to meet, hang out with, and learn from all the pros that you see in the videos and mags.

After spending two summers as a camper at Momentum (at my own expense), one summer as a digger at the camp (at John Smart’s expense) and taking a DH bike trip to Whistler last fall I can say that yes, spending your hard earned cash to go skiing in the Summer is totally worth it. Do your homework and save your pennies, but from my experience and the awesome edit above I think Momentum is the way to go.

Still not convinced:

Check out this hot Summer Water Rap Action!

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  1. Hi Daryn,

    Thanks for the write-up! Stoked you had a blast and next time you’re in Whistler drop us a line!


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