Are You a Wuss? Do You Really Need a Coffee Sleeve?

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Are You A Wuss?

Then why are you using a ‘wuss-sleeve’??  A wuss-sleeve is what they slip around your coffee cup so you won’t burn your widdle hands.  Coffee shop vendors are like robots, they will always slip on the sleeve because it’s company policy, and in turn, you’re like a robot accepting it.

In fairness, there are people with heat sensitivities that genuinely need the sleeve, but for the vast majority of us, it’s an absurdity that ends its’ journey in a landfill.


I’m a regular guy (no different than you) who drinks a lot of coffee, and I ‘never’ use a wuss-sleeve, and I’ve never had an issue.  Ironically, the same people that use wuss-sleeves, will cradle their porcelain mug at home to embrace the warmth?!  Think about it.

The fact is – you don’t need the damn sleeve!  It’s a waste of resources, that was sparked (and fueled) by hysteria over an accidental coffee spill in 1994 [Liebeck v. McDonalds], netting the plaintiff a 2.86 million dollar settlement.

We never had wuss-sleeves before that?  The people who had sensitivities double cupped, and the rest of us just got the single cup as usual – no problem.


Now take a look in the mirror. 

Are you a wuss-sleever?

Repent my child, and refuse to be a Landfill Feeding Robot.

-Mota Bota



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11 thoughts on “Are You a Wuss? Do You Really Need a Coffee Sleeve?

  1. In response to the two comments above:

    I AIN’T NO WUSS-CUPPER! And your point is well taken, the best
    solution to the rampant waste is the ‘travel mug’ – which I always carry. In hindsight, I should have mentioned this fact in the article?
    But when I frequent coffee shops, I seldom see travel mugs; so
    I was targeting the majority.


    1. I always use them sleeves on all the paper cups I use I also keep them out of the landfills by saving and collecting them I like them coffee cup sleeves I always look 4 used ones to add to my collection am I a wuss sleever I guess so but I like them and I always will ok

  2. So you are a wuss if you use the sleeve but if you go through 365 paper cups and plastic lids a year that’s cool, lol what? Why not encourage people to make coffee at home and use a travel mug? Or are you a wuss cupper? Sounds like this article is one big half measure with a heaping scoop of justification thrown in.

  3. Yeah screw all that waste from sleeves but I’ll still use 365 paper cups a year lol what? Maybe try coffee at home in a travel mug? Or are you a wuss cupper?

  4. Or you can spill coffee on your crotch like the woman who sued McDonalds for millions.

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