ARENA SmartSnow Announces New Snowpack Measuring Technology for Snowcats

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Snowpack Measuring Antenna ARENA
Snowcat measurement antenna made by ARENA / Credit: ARENA

ARENA SmartSnow announced this week that the company launched a new technology for measuring snow-depth. The new technology is able to capture snow coverage on pistes to within a centimeter (0.4 inches) of accuracy. The technology is satellite based while the hardware for which is a compact antenna, which, the company says, is compatible with all snowcats.

The technology utilizes a 3D, real-time display of the mountain with color-coded imaging to represent snow depth, allowing for cat drivers to have ideal visuals of the mountain regardless of light and snow conditions. As it is presented in real time, drivers can make grooming adjustments immediately, based on the most recent information.  

Gastein Gondola in Austrian Alps
Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel connected ski areas near Salzburg, Austria / Credit: ARENA

Applicable scenarios extend beyond spreading corduroy over groomers; ARENA’s new technology is equally capable of giving assistance in terrain park construction, snowmaking levels, and clearing snow-covered roads. 

ARENA is an Austrian-based snowsports company specializing in piste management — with solutions ranging from energy conservation to snowpack measurement. The company aims to help ski resorts improve logistics, ROI, and stability for the future through products dedicated to improved decision making via data optimization. 

ARENA SmartSnow differs from the Pistonbully SnowSat by providing a wider range of color coding for more precision, and the real-time adjustments do not rely on a sensor beneath the the cat. 

SnowPack Imaging Satellite Display
ARENA SmartSnow real-time display / Credit: ARENA

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