Skier Who Pushed Snowboarder Off Chairlift in Aspen To Plead Not Guilty By Insanity

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Thomas Proesel

On January 17th, Thomas Proesel, 31,  pushed snowboarder Seth Beckton off the Loge Peak Lift at Aspen Highlands, Colorado after a comment that Beckton made about skiing vs. snowboarding.  Seth fell about 25-feet.

Proesel is now pleading insanity so that he will not be charged as guilty.  

Seth:   “to get tits deep pow shots you just need to be on your edges.”

Proesel:   “are you laughing at me?”

Seth:  “Kind of…yes??

Proesel:  ” Well is this funny?”

He then proceeded to push/pull me off the chair. Luckily I fell 20-25′ into a fluffy pile of snow. So thankful that I was not hurt due to some asshole being offended by a non- offensive comment. Proceeded to get my turns in throughout the day on the lookout for the suspect without luck. 

Seth's Facebook post following the incident
Seth’s Facebook post following the incident

Seth was an absolute trooper and didn’t let this bother him too much.  He was quoted as saying, “Because I wasn’t hurt, I wasn’t super outraged.  I didn’t want to let it ruin my day.  I decided to continue on my day.”  See the original Snowbrains article on this developing case here.

aspen highlands and buttermilk
aspen highlands and buttermilk

Proesel is undergoing mental health treatment at a facility in Tennessee, and is facing the charges of felony attempted assault and misdemeanor reckless endangerment.  This is a tough situation because as he is undergoing treatment, he is at least a three day drive away if he must appear in the district court.  Attorney Pamela Mackey of Denver said, “It’s very dangerous for him [to leave].  His mental state is fragile at best.  We can’t put him on a plane.” Although she also says he is, “doing well in treatment.”  It will be interesting to see how this court case develops and what Proesel actually ends up getting charged with.

Proesel’s bail was set at originally set at $10,000, was paid, and he was sent to a residential treatment facility in Tennessee.  Thomas is reportedly dealing with a serious mental illness.  The facility in Tennessee recommends that Proesel stay in their facility for 3 to 4 months of treatment.

Proesel is from Chicago and has lived in Aspen long enough to buy a $300,000 condo in Hunter Creek.

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