Aspen, CO Bans Drones at Ski Resort:

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You won't be seeing this combo in Aspen, CO.
You won’t be seeing this combo in Aspen, CO.

The invasion of the drones is nearly upon us and Aspen, Colorado clearly sees it coming.  

The Aspen Skiing Co. announced last Thursday that drones will be banned at their ski resorts.  Only drone operators with special licenses from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This ban is an extension of the US Forest Service rules that prohibit drone use on public lands unless the operator has a special license from the FAA.

Skier and drone.
Skier and drone.

The Aspen Skiing Co. has decided that flying drones within their ski resort is simply too dangerous.

“It’s way too risky to have those things flying around.  Buttermilk is right there in the flight path.” –  Jeff Hanle, Aspen spokesman

Aspen, Co.
Aspen, Co.

As drones get cheaper and easier to acquire, you’re going to be hard pressed to spit in the air and not hit one in the coming years.

Aspen is mostly like the first in a long list of ski resorts in the USA that will be banning drones at their ski resorts this year.

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