2 Young Sisters Complete ‘Perfect Season’ at Snowmass, CO | They Skied Every Single Day

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aspen, colorado, Snowmass
Siri and Emily Bassion. Credit: Kaya Williams/The Aspen Times

Two young girls in Aspen, CO, took advantage of the unique opportunity offered to them by the covid-19 pandemic and completed the perfect season––they skied every single day that Snowmass was open.

Snowmass opened on November 25th, 2020 through April 25th, 2021 for a total of 152 days, and Emily and Siri Bassion skied every single one of them.

The girls both attend Aspen Elementary School, Siri, 9, is in fourth grade and Emily, 7, is in second grade. Due to the lack of after-school activities because of the pandemic, they were able to get from school to the slopes every single day.

snowmass, Colorado
Snowmass trail map, 20/21

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