Aspen Skiing Co. Threatens Housed Employees With Immediate Eviction if They Fail to Follow Covid Rules

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Aspen Skiing Company (Skico) has warned employee housing tenants that failure to comply with covid-19 restrictions could result in eviction, with just 72-hours notice.

An email from the housing director said, “failure to comply with public health codes and COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings will result in consequences — no ifs, and, or buts”, reports the Aspen TimesSome of the restrictions involve a strict no-guest policy and mask-wearing and social distancing measures.

“The unsafe, virus spreading practices of a significant number of residents has resulted in an alarming increase in the number of infections now present throughout employee housing. As we endeavor to contain the spread of COVID-19 cases we have no choice but to take a more regimented approach to enforcement of safe practices to contain the virus. Violation of the laws of the health order as they pertain to visitors, mask-wearing and social distancing will result in eviction.”

– email from the housing director

Tenants who refuse to abide by the rules by not signing the paperwork are also subject to eviction. The email signed off:

“We’re giving every resident a choice. Follow the laws and continue to live in employee housing or disregard the laws and leave. … If you can’t comply, we need to say goodbye.”

Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada, had a large outbreak of covid-19. More than 136 cases have been traced back to the resort. Parties and gatherings at employee housing were blamed. Big White responded by firing several employees ‘for breaking a social responsibility contract’ that includes clauses such as reporting illness symptoms to managers and following public health orders around social gatherings.

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