Australia’s Top 5 Best Historical Snow Years – Will 2018 Make the List?

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Epic snow at Perisher, June 2018. Image:

Australia is currently having it’s best start to a snow season in almost 20 years, thanks to winter storm “Stormin Norman”. Measurements are taken at a Snowy Hydro station at Spencer’s Creek, located between Charlotte’s Pass Resort and Perisher Valley Resort. The average peak snow depth at the station is 195 cm (76.7 in). The snow depth as of June 18th was 76.4 cm (30 in), the deepest at that location for the date in 18 years!

This great snow inspired Mountain Watch to compile a list of the top five best Australian snowfalls, including photos and local stories. 

Australia’s Top 5 Best Snow Years

Mountain Watch

#1: 1981 – 361 cm (142.1 in) measured on September 1

People still talk about this season- cars, lodges, and lifts buried, feet and feet of snow, and epic skiing!

Snow covering a second-story deck at Falls Creek in 1981. Image: Mountain Watch

#2: 1964 – 355.6 cm (140 in) measured on August 11

Opening weekend had a depth of 55 cm, three weeks later the depth was 155 cm, and three weeks after that it was at 300+ cm!

Mt. Franklin Chalet, July 1964. Image: Mountain Watch

#3: 1956 – 318.3 cm (125.3 in) measured on September 11

This season marked one of the earliest Snowy Hydro snow depth recordings.

Guthega 1956. Image: Mountain Watch

#4: 1992 – 316 cm (124.4 in) measured on September 17

The late season snow was believed to be result of volcanic activity in the Philippines that injected sulfate into the stratosphere. This season is also known as “the last of the 3-meter seasons”.

1992 compared to last season. Image: Mountain Watch

#5: 1968 – 307.1 cm (120.9 in) measured on October 4

In this season, snow was being recorded as early as May, and the depth at Spencer’s Creek at opening weekend of the resorts was 146.3 cm (57.6 in). There was skiable snow for more than 6 months!

Aussie snow 1968. Image: Mountain Watch

Do you think 2018 will make the list?

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