Australian Nordic Skier Competes in Shorts and Singlet at World Championships

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Australian Skier Mark Pollock Competes in Shorts and Singlet
Mark Pollock competes in the FIS Ski World Championships in a singlet and compression shorts. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Australian nordic skiing competitor Mark Pollock took advantage of the warm weather at the FIS Ski World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany, to compete in a singlet and compression shorts. His outfit choice quickly made him into an internet sensation in the world of winter sports, in particular in Australia and Europe. According to Yahoo Sport Australia, Pollock decided to forego the typical one-piece skinsuit usually worn by athletes in favor of clothes more fitting for the 37º F (3º C) conditions at the track on February 27.

In addition to his clothing, reports, he also competed without gloves, headwear, or the usual goggles worn by competitors.

Mark Pollock racing in the Ski World Championships without normal ski apparel
Pollock shows off his lack of gloves, headband, and goggles during the 15km double pursuit in the FIS Ski World Championships over the weekend. Image courtesy of Getty Images.

The 28-year-old’s outfit did not help his results, however. He finished 95th overall in the 10km final (for which he wore pants rather than shorts) and did not finish the 15km double pursuit. He was lapped by the leader and eventual winner, Aleksandr Bolshunov of Russia.

Pollock discussed his outfit and his results in an interview after the race. He claimed that his apparel choice was not that unusual, as he “always get[s] hot at races” but was more concerned with his unsatisfying outcomes than with his internet stardom. As he said afterward, “I am very disappointed that I was caught.”

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