Australian Surfer Intervenes During Shark Attack To Aid Fellow Surfer

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shark attack
Post-attack surfboard carnage. Photo credit: Man of Many

Last week, surfer, Phil Mummert was attacked by a great white shark off the western coast of Australia. According to Fisheries WA (Fisheries Department of Western Australia), the great white was believed to be 13-feet (4 meters) in length and approximately as wide as a Land Cruiser. The attack occurred last Friday at Bunker Beach.

Great White
Photo credit: CBS

With a shark that large, the outcome was looking pretty grim for Mummert. Mummert did his best to protect himself and immediately began trying to kick the massive shark. While ultimately fending off the shark, Mummert was bitten in the leg and suffered serious lacerations. Mummert’s board was also bitten in half.

Word of the attack quickly spread throughout the surf break. A nearby surfer, whose identity is unknown, immediately swam towards the action in an attempt to aid Mummert. The surfer managed to make it over to Mummert and brought him to shore where he could be medivacked to the nearest hospital.

Bunker Beach. Photo credit: Pinterest

Although Mummert lost a lot of blood on the way to the hospital, he maintained consciousness and high spirits for the duration of the journey.  According to a Facebook post from Mummert’s girlfriend, she wrote: “We’ve been flown to the hospital and just waiting for him to get stitched up, Phil’s doing great and singing shark do do do do do do.”

Mummert is expected to make a full recovery and is incredibly grateful to be alive and is thankful for the surfer who saved him.

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