Australia’s Oldest Living Olympian Celebrates his 99th Birthday at Thredbo Resort, AUS

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Frank celebrating 99 at Thredbo Ski Resort. Photo Credit: Thredbo

This week, famed Australian Olympic skier, Frank Prihoda, celebrated his 99th birthday at the Australian ski resort of Thredbo. Prihoda was an integral figure in Thredbo’s rich ski history. In his honor, Thredbo renamed ‘Tors Run’ to ‘Frank’s Face’. This intermediate run starts from the highest lift-accessible point in Australia. Additionally ‘Franks Face’ is located between the runs ‘Sasha’s Schuss’ and ‘Karel’s T-Bar’ which are named after Prhioda’s sister and brother-in-law respectively.

The newly named Frank’s Face’ added to Thredbo’s resort map. Photo Credit: Thredbo

Frank Prihoda competed in the 1956 Winter Olympic Games in Cortina for downhill alpine skiing. Just this year, he was awarded the Snow Medal Australia to commemorate his outstanding achievements in snow sports. Prihoda’s incredible accomplishments and passion for skiing have left a lasting legacy on the Australian skiing community.

Happy Birthday, Frank! Photo Credit: Thredbo

Prihoda spent his big day with a small group of family and friends at Thredbo Resort. Even to this day, his love for Thredbo still shines- “I wish for Thredbo to prosper and to get over the difficult challenges that it has encountered with the bushfires and now the pandemic. It would be nice for heaven to be kind to us now and send us a lot of snow so Thredbo can give all its visitors the experience they would like.”

Happy belated birthday Frank!

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