Austrian Ski Instructor Training Candidates Face Vaccine Mandate

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Snowsport instructors-in-training are being required to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in order to participate in the state ski instructor associations. This mandate is taking place in the federal states of Tyrol, Styria, Salzburg, Upper and Lower Austria, Carinthia, and Vienna.

This mandate comes after new COVID-19 strains and mutants have begun to spread more rapidly. President of the Austrian Ski School Association, Richard Walter said via Snow Industry News:

“With the introduction of mandatory vaccinations, we see this as the only possibility of being able to carry out the training courses from autumn 2021.”

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PC: CDC via Unsplash

If any trainees have already received a vaccine, they aren’t required to receive another. Vice-President Gerhard Sint explains that vaccinated snow sports instructors will “guarantee our guests the greatest possible safety.”

COVID-19 mutations are increasing in cases worldwide. Austria’s cases stayed decently consistent from early July 2021 through early August 2021 but are now increasing again. The country has faced over 681,513 cases and 10,572 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, 10,424,893 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered with 5,200,000 citizens being fully vaccinated in Austria, according to the World Health Organization. While getting COVID-19 variants is still possible while vaccinated, CNN reports that less than 1% of fully vaccinated people are getting infected with the illness. With Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine receiving FDA approval, will the US start facing vaccine mandates like Austrias?

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During the middle and end of July, the graph flatlined for a short period, before increasing yet again. In order to combat an even greater increase, Austria snow sports executives are requiring vaccines for employee trainees. PC: Statista

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