Avalanche Carried and Buried 2 Snowmobilers in Idaho on Saturday

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avalanche, utah, snowmobilers, buried
Close call! Credit: UAC

A close call occurred Saturday afternoon when two riders were caught and carried by an avalanche just north of the Idaho State Line in the Bear River Range, reports the Utah Avalanche Center.

The party of four was riding a bit northeast of Corral Hollow, near the ridge between Franklin Basin and Egan Basin. The avalanche happened on a northeast-facing slope around 9,000 feet in elevation, while two of the riders were dealing with a stuck sled about 60 feet below the main ridge.

The third rider had turned out of the gully below the two, and was below and well out of the way when the fourth rider triggered the avalanche from the ridge.

avalanche, utah, snowmobilers, buried
Credit: UAC

The avalanche involving wind drifted snow only ran about 100 feet, but it swept up the two riders and sleds in its path. One deployed his airbag and ended up on top of the debris. The other was partially buried with only one leg sticking out of the snow. Neither rider was injured.

Both riders are okay, and they were able to ride their sleds out of the backcountry.

avalanche, utah, snowmobilers, buried
Corral Hollow, ID

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