Friends Dig Out Snowboarder Buried Under 2-Feet of Snow After Avalanche on Donner Pass, CA

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avalanche, california, snowboarder, rescued
The site of the slide. Credit: SAC

A snowboarder was rescued after being buried by an avalanche at the summit of Donner Pass in Nevada County on Monday, according to the Sierra Avalanche Center.

The avalanche was triggered around noon by nine snowboarders on the north side of Castle Peak. According to a report, the final rider was carried 200-feet and buried underneath 1 to 2 feet of snow for four minutes before being dug out by his friends.

avalanche, california, snowboarder, rescued
The hole from the rescued snowboarder. Credit: SAC

The rider was unconscious upon recovery but was coherent a short time later. According to the report, the avalanche ran 300 feet down the mountain and 200 feet wide, with snow depth ranging from 1 1/2 to 8 feet deep.

“The slope was just over 600 (feet) long and consisted of lower angle terrain on the upper slope descending into a steep convex rollover with rocky terrain with few trees below,” the report read. “We considered this complex terrain with many trigger points and multiple starting zones.”

 According to the center, no other signs of instability were observed in the immediate area of the avalanche.

avalanche, california, snowboarder, rescued
Location of the slide

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