Avalanche Buries Parked Cars In Snowbird Parking Lot | No One Was Injured

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Snowbird on January 24th. Image: Snowbird Facebook Page

According to Fox 13, at 5:28pm on Thursday, February 24th, 2017 an avalanche occurred Mt. Superior that ended up burying three parked cars in the Superior Lot. The parking lot is located just east of Cliff Lodge. Thankfully, nearly 25 ski patrollers were on the scene minutes after the slide occurred and they are yet to find anyone injured or deceased in the slide deposits. Snowbird has received 31″ of snow in the past 48 hours, so there is a relatively high avalanche risk.

“That’s where a lot of people park,” Lt. Paul Barker of the Unified Police Department said. “It’s sort of by entry four, just above there. They call it the Superior parking lot.”

Snowbird Village Map. Image: Snowbird

UFA says there is an inter-lodge restriction in place, and none of the patrons at the resort are allowed outside at this time. Guests are able to stay overnight, but the restriction is expected to stay in place through early Friday morning, until avalanche mitigation can take place. The canyon was also closed last night due to avalanche risks and was scheduled to open at 8am.

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