Avalanche Buries Two Snowboarders Near Telluride, CO Yesterday

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San Juan Hut. Image: San Juan Huts

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, two snowboarders were buried in an avalanche near Telluride, CO on Tuesday. The incident occurred near Last Dollar Hut, which is a hut that sits 300 feet and 1/4 mile above Last Dollar Pass, CO.

The red pin marks Last Dollar Hut. Image: Google Maps

The avalanche was triggered by the snowboarders. One of them was completely buried and ended up being dug out by the other individuals in his party. The other snowboarder was buried up to his neck and sustained a leg injury that forced him to be flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital.

US Avalanche Fatalities this season. Image: CAIC

There have actually been 9 avalanche deaths in the U.S. this season, as a snowmobiler died in Idaho yesterday. It’s always important to monitor the forecast and educate yourself before you venture out into the backcountry.

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  1. My feeling and best guess is a lot of ski areas and back country that have experienced low snow pack numbers are very likely to have more cases of avalanches. This is due to the new cold storms coming in the snow can’t bond to the base making for some treacherous conditions. Just Saying!!

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