VIDEO: Man Carried 1,000-Feet by Avalanche Claims Airbag and AIARE Training Saved His Life

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Maurice Kervin, 25, was caught in an avalanche last week and told The Denver Channel that his airbag and avalanche training saved his life.

The snowboarder was in an area called No Name near Loveland Pass, CO, with his buddy, when he triggered an avalanche that carried him 1,000-feet down the slope.

“I remember before I dropped in and before my buddy skied down to his viewing point, telling him, ‘I don’t know man. I’m kind of nervous about this run, and if it goes it’s probably going to go big.'”

– Maurice Kervin

He caught the whole frightening incident on camera.

“I freed my hands, I pulled the bag and I started to do backstroke and kick my feet up to stay on top of the snow, basically just to make yourself as big and less dense as possible.”

– Maurice Kervin

Kervin has been riding in the backcountry for 10-years and believes his airbag and AIARE Level 1 training saved his life. 

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Man Carried 1,000-Feet by Avalanche Claims Airbag and AIARE Training Saved His Life

  1. He also stated the airbag acted like a pillow for his head & back. HUH? The principal is that Air is lighter than Water. Thus the airbag, if you can get it open? Might help to keep you near the surface. If you need a pillow, stay in bed homie. I think he’s blowing some good Colorado smoke.

  2. Glad he’s alive BUT seems like he didn’t really understand the point of the AIARE course and risk management framework… they had a bad feeling about the slope? And still skiied it… plus skiied in avalanche terrain WITH the avalanche problem? Seems like he needs to maybe re-take the course, or do some self evaluation.

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