Copper Mountain, CO’s Avalanche Cat Program

Keenan Grady | Friday FunFriday Fun

Most people think that avalanche dogs and puppies in particular are the cutest thing to hit the ski slopes. Well all of that may be about to change with the feline movement.  It’s proven that more people are allergic to dogs than cats and when being rescued from an avalanche, the last thing the victim needs is a big whiff of dog fur upon retrieval.

Patrollers Nick Slaton and Chris Gray at Copper Mountain, CO are beginning the first known avy cat program and these fuzzy little guys sure are friendly! You can even come by and pet them at patrol headquarters.

The best perks being that if they get caught in an avalanche, it’s no worries: they have nine lives! Also while handling the avy cats one doesn’t need to worry about them falling off the lift- they always land on their feet.

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5 thoughts on “Copper Mountain, CO’s Avalanche Cat Program

  1. The video on ‘Avy Cats’ is the funniest thing I’ve watched in a long time! As a former pro patroller, I know these guys have plenty of time to train cats!

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