“Avalanche Conditions” in Boston

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Boston Avalanche Cycle
Photo: B. Hulbert

A huge dump in Boston is creating avalanche conditions adjacent to sidewalks.  From an email,

“It’s actually a pretty scary situation here in Boston, there’s a pretty a serious instability in the snow pack, we’re seeing these massive avalanche crowns, and anything on even moderate slopes are sliding with minimal pressure. It’s so rare in the east that people don’t know how to handle it, notice a few pics of the large crown’s I took.  We’re experiencing these massive slides into already shoveled sidewalks and roads, and people are absolutely losing their minds!” — B. Hulbert


Boston’s seen almost 72 inches in the span of 18 days, making it the ninth snowiest winter in the city’s history. The average snowfall for an entire winter in Boston is 43.1 inches.


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