VIDEO: Ski Cut Leads to MASSIVE Avalanche In Chamonix Last Weekend!

Claire Weiss | | AvalancheAvalanche

This ski cut causes a major avalanche in Chamonix, France last weekend.


This ski cut was well done.

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How to Ski Cut a Slope

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One thought on “VIDEO: Ski Cut Leads to MASSIVE Avalanche In Chamonix Last Weekend!

  1. As an avalanche professional (ski area forecaster and AIARE instructor), I feel that I need to point out that this ski cut was actually a poor choice. Your claim that it was “done well” is debatable. Doing a ski cut on this slope in the first place was unwise.

    The first thing that should be considered when choosing whether to ski cut a slope, is what the consequences are if you get caught in a slide. Ski cutting above open crevasses (or any other terrain trap or lethal exposure) is usually avoided due to the very high consequences if caught.

    Another reason not to ski cut this slope is the terrain configuration. The skier travels through multiple starting zones before arriving at the “island of safety” which is where they actually initiate the avalanche. Whenever possible one should try to deal only with one starting zone at a time and have a clear exit point that their momentum carries them to.

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