Skier-Triggered Avalanche in Lake Tahoe, CA Today:

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Carson Pass area avalanche today.
Carson Pass area avalanche today.

A skier triggered an avalanche near Elephant’s Back off Carson Pass near Lake Tahoe, CA today.  

Sierra Avalanche Center Report:

First skier descended slope without incident (ski track mostly covered by debris, but visible in middle left of photo). Second skier did a hard ski cut really pushing with his legs and triggered the avalanche (skier visible at crown in photo). The debris ran over our skin track. We did go one at a time though that area but it seemed solid. We were heading to the looker’s left area shot Eback, but did not like the layers and dropped over to this area, I did a hasty pit and it seemed okay, clearly it was not. – SAC


Avalanche Type:  Dry Slab

Crown Height:  Less than 1 ft
Aspect:  East
Weak Layer:  Storm Snow
Avalanche Width:  120ft.
Terrain:  Near Treeline
Elevation:  9 200ft.
Bed Surface:  Storm Snow

Avalanche Length:  270ft.

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5 thoughts on “Skier-Triggered Avalanche in Lake Tahoe, CA Today:

  1. the crown is just under a rock zone. it is my understanding that that is a trigger point in some instances; it has released like that in this region before. any comment on weakness near rocky outcroppings? the information is useful.

  2. ^ it means that the avalanche failed within the new snow, rather than on an interface of new and old snow. The windslab failed at a density change and ran on top of a lower density layer within the new (recently deposited) snow.

  3. Probably that the slide ran on a layer of recently-deposited snow, perhaps the same as the weak layer reported a few entries above.

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