Second Reported Avalanche of the Season in California at Virginia Lakes, Eastern Sierra

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Credit: BAC

Following the huge snowfall in California earlier this week, a second avalanche has been reported in the Sierra Nevada.

This slide was at Virgina Lakes in the Eastern Sierra, about 50-miles north of Mammoth Lakes, and occurred on Tuesday 26th October, 2021.

Here’s the observation from Bridgeport Avalanche Center:

Avalanche debris off lower Mt Olson. Saw evidence of a recent slide and skiers climbing Dunderburg gully. While touring I saw fractures in 2” packed powder on top of powder base with ice at earth interface. 15 F at 7 am this morning. The snow level in this storm started at 11,200 and dropped. Higher elevations have a lot more snow depth than the 2’ at the Trailhead areas at 10,000’.  Lots of wind pack and drift.

We are all excited to have the skis out before Halloween and enjoy the recent snowfall. Please remember “If there is enough snow to ride then there is enough snow to slide.” Avalanches can occur regardless of the date on the calendar. It is imperative to use best practices to reduce risk while traveling in avalanche terrain including only exposing one person at a time to avalanche hazard and ensuring a member of your party is in a safe location to perform a rescue if need be.

The Bridgeport Avalanche Center will begin regularly scheduled observations and Snowpack summaries starting in December.

-BAC Staff

Credit: BAC
Credit: BAC

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  1. Help me understand the title of this article. So there have only been TWO avalanches so far this season? My question is, if an avalanche happens in the wild and nobody is there to witness it. Did it actually happen?

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