Search Resumes Today For 3 Backcountry Skiers Buried in Avalanche Near Silverton, CO Yesterday

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Silverton, CO last week. photo: silverton
Silverton, CO – not the actual scene of the avalanche.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center is reporting this morning that three backcountry skiers buried in an avalanche yesterday are still missing.

A group of backcountry skiers triggered the slide in an area known as The Nose, between Silverton and Ophir. Four of the party were caught, carried, and fully buried. One was rescued with minor injuries, but three remain missing.

Rescue crews searched into the night to no avail and will resume first thing today.

Silverton and Ophir, CO

We will keep you updated.

On February 1, 2021, a group of backcountry skiers triggered a large avalanche between the towns of Silverton and Ophir. They were traveling in an area locally known as The Nose.

Four people were caught, carried, and fully buried in the debris. The group recovered one person with minor injuries. The other three people are still missing.

Search and rescue operations lasted into the night and will continue this morning. The avalanche released on a northeast-facing slope near 11,500 feet (near treeline).

The backcountry avalanche danger is Considerable (Level 3) in most of Colorado’s Central and Southern Mountains.

Please check the forecast before you head out ( and do not underestimate the danger.


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Credit: CAIC
Credit: CAIC

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