VIDEO: Huge Avalanche Creeps Through Italian Town Leaving Trail of Destruction

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A huge, slow-moving avalanche swept through the town of Val Martello in Italy on Sunday 17th November. The area had just received over 3-feet of fresh snow.

Thankfully nobody was injured, but the slide did cause serious damage to buildings in the town. Christian Gurschler, a resident of the town, told Storyful:

“We got evacuated because it’s possible that there will arrive some more. All the streets in our valley are closed now.”

Elsewhere in Europe, several schools closed across Austria as parts of the Alpine country dealt with the quantity of snow and the threat of avalanches and flooding caused by swelling rivers and lakes.

Val Martello, italy,
Val Martello, Italy

A mudslide in Bad Gastein, south of Salzburg, Austria destroyed two homes overnight, burying two women. Firefighters rescued one of them quickly, the other one only after several hours. Both were injured and taken to the hospital.

In Gurktal, in the Carinthia region, some 70 firefighters had to evacuate the residents of 15 buildings because of the swelling Gurk river. Elsewhere in southern Austria, several villages were cut off because of heavy snowfall.

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