VIDEO: Avalanche in Glacier National Park, MT Traps Cyclists on Going-to-the-Sun Road for Hours

AvyBrains | | AvalancheAvalanche

An avalanche left more than a dozen cyclists trapped for hours on Glacier National Park’s Going-to-the-Sun road Monday. Crews worked to plow through the snow and get the bikers to safety.

Around 1 pm, a rock slide closed the road just above a tight switchback known as “The Loop.” But lots of people were already past that point on the road, and then near the Triple Arches area around 3 pm, an avalanche dumped a thick blanket of wet snow across the road.

The slide trapped 13 cyclists as snow tumbled down the slope for hours. From the time of the rock slide, it took about eight hours for crews to get through the rock and snow.

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