275 Avalanches Were Reported in Colorado in the Last 2 Weeks

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A D2.5 avalanche yesterday, 12/19, on Independence Pass near Aspen, CO. Credit: CAIC

275 avalanches have been reported to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center in the last two weeks as feet of fresh snow fell on a weak base layer. Fluctuating temperatures and high winds have also contributed to what could be potentially fatal avalanche conditions.

46 of the avalanches were human triggered.

Two were rated D3, big enough to bury and destroy a car, damage a truck, destroy a wood frame house, or break a few trees.

141 of the slides were rated D2 or higher, ie. big enough to bury, injure, or kill a person.

The forecast is currently ‘moderate’ across the whole state.

The avalanche danger is MODERATE (2of5) across Colorado on Sunday. Despite the slowly decreasing trend in the danger, you can still trigger dangerous avalanches especially on northerly and easterly-facing slopes. You can trigger these avalanches from a distance on connected, lower angle terrain above or below steeper slopes.

Remote triggering can be consequential especially on a busy, sunny weekend when other touring parties are in the same area. Maintain situational awareness and consider “what if” situations (e.g. what if we trigger the slope above us from our intended lower angle approach or what if we trigger the slope below the ridge on that other party etc…)


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Current forecast (12/20/21). Credit: CAIC

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