Avalanches Are the Most Frequent Cause of Weather Fatalities in Almost All Mountainous States

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Credit: Ian Livingston

An interesting map Tweeted last week by Washington Submit meteorologist and USTornadoes.com co-founder Ian Livingston reveals that the “most frequent cause of weather fatalities by NWS County Warning Area” is avalanches for the majority of mountainous states.

Along the coastlines, it’s riptides, the south, and California it’s heat, and in the north, it’s cold that results in the most weather-related deaths.

But overall, it’s typically avalanches that create probably the most weather-related heartbreak annually. In the last 20-years, 119 avalanche fatalities have been recorded in Colorado alone, about six every year, the most avalanche-related deaths of any state in that 2-decade period. Alaska is next, with 88 avalanche-related deaths since 1999.

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