Average Snowfall at Mt. Baker, WA has Increased Each of the Last Four Decades | Currently Averages 663″ a Season

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Snorkels required. Credit: Mt. Baker Facebook

If there’s one thing that’s for sure every ski season, it’s that Mt. Baker, WA will get dumped on and won’t be far off the top of the total snowfall charts for North America.

Credit: Mt. Baker Facebook

The resort averages 663″ a season, the highest annual average of any resort in the world, and holds the world record for the greatest recorded snowfall in one season (1998-99), an unbelievable 1,140″ (95-feet).

Credit: Mt. Baker Facebook

And the good news is that since the early 1970’s the average snowfall for each decade has actually increased at Mt. Baker:

  • 1970-80 – Total yearly snowfall for the decade was 7142
  • 1980-90 – Total yearly snowfall for the decade was 6057
  • 1990-00 – Total yearly snowfall for the decade was 6203
  • 2000-10 – Total yearly snowfall for the decade was 6376
  • 2010-current – Total yearly snowfall for the last 8 winters is 5596 ~ average for the decade so far is 699.5
Credit: Mt. Baker Facebook

That’s almost where they were at in the 1970’s, bearing in mind the beginning of that decade they had two back-to-back winters of over 1000″, pretty much two world record years in a row!

Check out the figures going right back to 1970, pretty epic stuff. And if you’re planning a trip out there, the stats show that pretty much any month from November onwards and you’ll be guaranteed powder days and face shots. I’m convinced, it’s definitely on my list next year…

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