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It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Music for your Monday’s, a new weekly feature here on Snowbrains where we bring you a band or artist that we think deserves a spot on your skiing, riding, biking, whatever playlist. For the first post we bring you AWOLNATION, a band that many of you may know because of its popular single ‘Sail’ that made its way to many a ski and bike edits. While ‘Sail’ became wildly popular, and went platinum over a year ago, the rest of the discography remains surprisingly unknown.

AWOLNATION began as a solo project by front-man Aaron Bruno in 2009 after he was approached by Red Bull Records and signed what he refers to as a partnership that has given him total creative control of his music. And with tracks like ‘Jump on my shoulders’ its completely evident that AWOLNATION is not over produced by record execs. And because of this total creative control, Aaron Bruno and his accompanying band produce some amazing songs.

Best Tracks

  • Sail
  • Kill Your Heroes
  • Jump on my Shoulders
  • Soul Wars
  • All I Need

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5 thoughts on “Music Mondays | AWOLNATION

  1. Yes! That kid in the Kill your Heroes Video is the kid from 2 and a Half Men…but super young.
    Anyone know where those clips are from?

    1. DH4Life, the kid in AWOLNATION’s “Kill Your Heroes” video, is actor Joe DiGiovanni. He is also in the commercial for Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, which features “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT”, one of AWOLNATION’s new songs.

      (Angus T Jones plays the kid on 2 and a Half Men)

  2. Saw these guys in NYC last year. The lead singer was crowd surfing and the security guard failed help hold him up across the ‘moat’ between the crowd and the stage as the crowd surfed him back to the stage. Dude fell from 7 feet up straight to the ground, kept singing, jumped up, punched the security guard, and jumped back on stage. I’ve loved the band ever since.

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