B.C. Backcountry Report: One Incredible, Ridiculously Long, Blower Powder Run in Brilliant Sunshine

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Report from December 9th, 2019

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Yesterday we went backcountry skiing in beautiful interior British Columbia.

The sun was out, the mountains were out, the views were breathtaking.

We walked a long way up a deep valley with towering mountains on both sides.

Summit. image: snowbrains

After about 3 miles, we turned and began our climb up the long south faces.

4,000-vertical-feet later, we stood atop a knife-ridge, dancing with a sun pillar while sumptuous vistas lingered on all sides.

The run we were to ski was laid out before us.

Greek Peak. image: snowbrains

We dropped in.

The snow was perfect blower powder with sparkles on top.

Turn after turn.

Highway to heaven. image: snowbrains

Ollying off knolls.

Cutback turning on the wind-lip.

Turning and hooting.

Knife ridge. image: snowbrains

A mini-spine slash then down into the shadows.

Down into the valley and back to our skin track for the long ride home.

This was one of the most gorgeous backcountry tours we’ve been on.

Creeks are gorgeous here. image: snowbrains

December in BC is magical for so many reasons yet the slanted light rules above all.

The sun is only 16.2ยบ above the horizon at its zenith right now creating spectacular, ever-changing light shows all day long.

It feels like winter here.

It feels right.


Mini-spines… image: snowbrains
Up track. image: snowbrains
Grinding near the top. image: snowbrains
Would you? image: snowbrains
Snow wave. image: snowbrains
Firsties. image: snowbrains
The big dog. image: snowbrains
Miles happy on top with a sun pillar in his hand. image: snowbrains
Relaxing in the Sutton Place apres ski. image: snowbrains



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