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Professional skier, X-games champion, and now backcountry-powder-slayin’ guru Bobby Brown just released a backcountry ski film. The video’s caption reads:

Titled Perspectives challenged us to see the world through a different lens. Our goal was to highlight the creativity of backcountry skiing with a variety of unique perspectives. We focused on 4K camera movement and time-lapse imagery to create an immersive and artistic view as we navigate the Teton Range around Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

We teamed up with Après Visuals to see the world through a different lens. They increased the level of production from start to finish. Amon Baker and the team used a RED Cinema 5k and 4k along with Atlas anamorphic lenses to create the distinct style of the film. They skied with the RED, mounted it to a Polaris snowmobile with a Gimbal, set up a 200-yard Cable Cam, and flew it on the Alta drone. Après Visuals can do it all, and it was a pleasure to work with them when creating our newest video. Enjoy!

Thank you, @Red Bull @Red Bull Snow, Spyder, Smith, @GoPro #GoPro, Crosson, and dasoro for all of your support with this project.

Shot on location around Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Filmed with a RED Cinema 5k and 4K Produced by Après Visuals

Athlete: Bobby Brown

Director: Amon Baker

Director of Photography: Peter Brown

Specialty Camera: Aharon Bram

BTS Camera: Scotty Sutton

Edited by: Après Visuals (Adobe Premiere Pro)

Bobby Brown Ski

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