Big Lines in Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry with Michelle Parker & Chris Coulter

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When I tell people about how great the season was in Bariloche, Argentina this summer they mostly turn their heads and say: “where?”  Bariloche is in Argentine Patagonia and all people can really say about it is that it’s not as rad as Las Leñas, Argentina.  That the lines aren’t long, the elevation is too low, and that the place is just too crowded.

All you have to do is watch this video to learn that all three of those assumptions are false.  Bariloche has very long lines, the elevation is just right, and there ain’t no one out in the sidecountry/backcountry.

All the lines skied in this video are accessed via Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina.

Little Alaska.  Bariloche, Argentina.  photo:
Little Alaska. Bariloche, Argentina, 2013. photo:

“Backcountry Snowboarding, Skiing in Patagonia Argentina with Michelle Parker and Chris Coulter. A day of touring on Splitboard and Skis with a few extra clips of Cerro Catedral. Michelle and Chris are with SGT or Sass Global Travel at Cerro Catedral out side of Bariloche, from mid July until early September.  SGT’s Connor Winton happen to catch the long shots of us riding while filming a Jump session with the PS crew. Thanks to SGT Sass Global Travel for a great season.”Chris Coulter


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2 thoughts on “Big Lines in Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry with Michelle Parker & Chris Coulter

  1. wow i love the little flip over the ridge when the guy starts….
    i am amazed by how the guy gets through the gulleys and around the rocks in the couloirs… i thought i was a good skier… until i see that !

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