Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry Report: A Gorgeous Day in Chutes & Towers

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Report from August 22, 2022

On Monday, Greggy and I went for a walk.

We weren’t sure what we’d find out there but we had misplaced faith that a due north line we like would be just soft enough to ski.

We just had a seven-day storm here last week that dropped about 6 feet of snow.

Then, the sun came out on Friday and cooked all of it in one sitting.

Since then it’s been challenging trying to find good snow.

Our best hope on this day was sun-softened refrozen slush…

Light & Shadow. image: snowbrains

Once we got up there, we were pleasantly surprised to find the snow had softened up quite a bit in spots.

The top was pretty creamy and smooth.

The middle had some crunch.

Greggy! image: snowbrains

The bottom choke was unpredictable with punch, scratch, slurp, rocks, and a bergschrund.

I skied the challenging snow gingerly and had a blast.

We can’t wait for this line in powder soon.

Look Ma, no snow! image: snowbrains


The forecast continues dry here for the foreseeable future but we keep hoping there’s something just past the horizon…

On our way home on this day we ran into a kid who delivered the best freestyle rap performance we’ve ever heard in Spanish.

I would buy his album right now…

Avalanche Forecast

image:, 8/22/22

Weather Forecast

image:, 8/22/22


Sun Chutes. image: snowbrains
Miles working the bottom choke. image: snowbrains
Tronador. image: snowbrains
Lago Nahuel Huapi. image: snowbrains
Miles trying to make it look good. image: snowbrains
Colors. image: snowbrains
Wind lines. image: snowbrains
The big lake. image: snowbrains
Sun halo. image: snowbrains
Miles leaning into Sun Chutes. image: snowbrains
Tronador and friends. image: snowbrains
Sierra Nevada. image: snowbrains

image: snowbrains
My buddy Juli has a SnowBrains hat from 2014. One of only five ever made! image: snowbrains

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