Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry Report: Chute #2 of 6 in Our Patagonia Chutes & Corn Project 2022

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Report from September 10, 2022

Our Patagonia Chutes & Corn Project 2022 lives on!

There are six different long chutes in this very small zone.

One of the chutes was so good that we skied it three days in a row last week.

Patagonia chutes,
Julian at the top of the chute. image: snowbrains

That didn’t help much towards the goal of skiing all six chutes, but it was damn fun!

Yesterday, I finally got after a new line.

A line I’d never skied before and it was a beauty.

Patagonia chutes,
Julian at the drop in point. image: snowbrains

Greggy ditched me for the US of A a few days ago so I ventured out solo.

Luckily, deep in the backcountry, I ran into my friend Julian.

He was headed in the same direction as me so we joined forces.

Patagonia chutes,
Balancing rock. image: snowbrains

We wanted to ski the most walled chute in the zone, but a nasty of buttress of rock and talus stopped us in our tracks…

Fortunately, where we were forced to stop on our scramble was right above another chute I never skied that is in our Patagonia Chutes & Corn Project.

This chute is wide then narrow then wide again then narrow again before it dumps you off on a gorgeous apron where you can rip fields of glory right down into the creek for a solid 2,000′ run.

Patagonia chutes,
Sawtooth ridge. image: snowbrains

I was worried that we were going to be too late and that the three cms of snow that fell a few days ago was just gonna make things gross.

I was wrong.

When we got there Juli exclaimed:  “La nieve esta perfetca!”

It was.

The snow here is like nowhere else on Earth… image: snowbrains

The top skied like a dream.

The middle chokes had some challenges with avalanche debris and glide cracks but were still great.

The apron out the bottom was glorious.

Patagonia chutes,
Some firm snow out there. image: snowbrains

Overall, I’d give the experience an 8 out of 10!

We were fired up at the bottom and made plans to meet up and complete the project together this week if possible.

Tomorrow and Tuesday look like a perfect window with full sun and temps warm but not too warm.

If all goes well, we might even get three of the remaining chutes done in two days.


Patagonia chutes,
Juli has long legs. image: snowbrains
Mini towers. image: snowbrains
Grinding above the abyss. image: snowbrains
Climb. image: snowbrains
Shine on. image: snowbrains
Lago. image: snowbrains
Towers and spines. image: snowbrains
Endless… image: snowbrains
Grind. image: snowbrains

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