Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry Report: Fantastic Day of Cloud, Wind, Sun, Condors & Powder

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There were some tracks in here today. image: snowbrains

I went for a walk into the backcountry just outside Cerro Catedral ski resort in Bariloche, Argentina today.

The day started cloudy and cold with very flat light.

I felt optimistic, so I crept out in the backcountry with hopes of thinning clouds and radiant sunshine.

My first run was in the dark.  

I took my time at the top of my second run waiting for the sun to show up.

Over a dozen soaring condors (Earths 2nd largest flying bird) kept me company.

They like to play in the wind (see SnowBrains instagram story).

It finally did show up a bit and that second run was powdery and fun in complex terrain.

About to drop into soft snow. image: snowbrains

My third run was the same as the second but in worse light, but I had my track to follow from the first run.

On my way out, the sun came out and blue razed the skies.

The wind also picked up and was absolutely ripping on the ridges.

Skiing down the ski resort was a blast due to the groomed runs being covered in freshly blown snow.

Today was a great day.

Check out the SnowBrains instagram story for a chronological voyage through today’s adventure.

Isles in the sky. image: snowbrains


image: catedral, today


image:, today


Top of the Nubes chair from afar. image: snowbrains
Happy camper. image: snowbrains
This zone gets unreal with more snow. image: snowbrains
Gear and vistas. image: snowbrains
Towers and gullies. image: snowbrains
Lunch whilst waiting for the sun. image: snowbrains
Towers. image: snowbrains
ripping winds on the ridges this pm. image: snowbrains

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