Bariloche, Argentina Backcountry Report: “Wide Open” Freeride in Chute #4 in the Patagonia Chutes & Corn Project 2022

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Report from September 13, 2022

Filmed with the Skydio 2 Drone

Yesterday we got up and into our 4th chute in our 6-chute Patagonia Chutes & Corn Project.

This one might be my new favorite…

Big, wide open, smooth snow, higher speeds, not too steep, no consequences.

Feeling good post chute. image: snowbrains

You can rip this one pretty much wide open from top to bottom.

I’m boringly calling it ‘T Wide’.

Getting to it was a bit of a battle.

Eyelashes of the sun. image: snowbrains

Up to the ridge, down the other side, scramble/climb through the rocks back to the ridge, down ‘T Easy’ chute a little, hit the sneak-through on the right, down into ‘T Daddy’ chute, then up the top bit of ‘T Daddy’ to the ridge again, and the start of ‘T Daddy’ allows access to ‘T Wide’ Chute.


Climbing up the top section of ‘Z Daddy’ reminded me how steep and spicy that thing can be.

I ate a few cookies, tossed back some water, threw the drone in the air, and dropped in.

Miles in the belly of the belly of the beast. image: snowbrains

The snow had a slushy crunch in the upper section for a handful of turns before morphing into high-octane corn.

I felt the transition and gained speed.

Every turn felt like the last.

Endless. image: snowbrains

Smooth, soft, splashy, clean.

While skiing it I had lucid thoughts about how this was one.

The one chute in the group that truly let you open it up for a significant amount of time.

Formations. image: snowbrains

While skiing it I already wanted to ski it again.

The lower 1/4 had some avalanche debris but it was soft enough and not steep.

I gurgled over it and blasted onto the apron below for a handful more wide-open, smooth corn sprays before hitting the creek.

Vista. image: snowbrains

We’ve got 2 more chutes to ski in this mini project and I’m not we’ll get ’em.

We have 1 more week here and the weather is looking rough…


Lago. image: snowbrains
Rocks. image: snowbrains
Towers. image: snowbrains
‘Z Daddy’ is steep. image: snowbrains
Lago. image: snowbrains
One of many booters each day… image: snowbrains

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