Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: One of the Best Days in Years

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Yesterday was a special day at Cerro Catedral in Bariloche, Argentina.

One the best days in years.

  • Lots of new snow
  • World class tree skiing
  • Good snow to the base
  • Sunshine
  • A couple of airs
  • Good friends
  • New friends

What else can you ask for?

The goods at first opening. photo: snowbrains

This tree run in the video above in generally only in a day or two per season.  We hit it just right yesterday morning and it didn’t disappoint.

Laguna looking epic at last light. photo: snowbrains

We also got in two hiking laps on Nubes, which was wind-buffed and fun as well as one lap in La Laguna, which was OK – kinda windpressed, punchy and weird.

Oh, we also got in one other lap in these epic trees and even brough Aimee’s 70-year old dad in there to rip pow, hoot and holler, and fight bamboo.

Stu in the deep yesterday. photo: snowbrains

One helluva good day, people.  One helluva good day.

Our 9th powder day in a row here…

There are 2 big snowstorms forecast here in the next 6 days.

Edge and Stu and lake. photo: snowbrains


image: catedral, tomorrow


image:, tomorrow


Militares refugio yesterday. photo: snowbrains
Edge and Stu and lake. photo: snowbrains
The Haunted House and Nubes. photo: snowbrains
Islands and snow. photo: snowbrains
Avalancha run yesterday. Edge and Stu and lake. photo: snowbrains
Moody morning yesterday. photo: snowbrains

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2 thoughts on “Bariloche, Argentina Conditions Report: One of the Best Days in Years

  1. Miles!! Good good good bro. Have the lifts been spinning full ops? Is big storm forecast for reals? Tahoe Mike checking in. Really ‘best day in years’? I seen your accounts of best days in the great south and wondering.
    Btw know you guide to exotic locales. Big draw for me to get to patagonia ( i been there climbing, backpacking (bunked at frey) and golfing (llao llao) is the backcountry. Well, the chocolate doesn’t suck either. Wanna get my easy money on chairs too but want to earn em more. Do you pre-qual and get a competent group going. Would be highly interested in 2018. Yo thanks.

    1. Hey Tahoe Mike,

      Ops are all over the place, but that’s no worry. Sick powder day today. Big fat flakes falling right now. Best day in years for sure. I’m not guiding in Patagonia this year, but my buddy Jorge at is. He’s the man.

      Come with me to Antarctica in 2018. Yes, I get a solid group together.

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